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420 Doctors for a TelePhone 420 Evaluation – Helping Californians obtain

California Medical Marijuana Cards:


*New TelePhone 420 Evaluations $49 + $20 for MMJ ID Card

*Renewal TelePhone 420 Evaluations $49 + $20 for MMJ ID Card

*Grower’s Recommendation $149 $20 for MMJ ID Card


Professional, Legal Medical Marijuana Evaluations with the on call doctor – Explore 420 TelePhone Evaluations as a way to get a medical marijuana card renewal or new 420 evaluation for a California medical marijuana card

FILL OUT MEDICAL FORM HERE The Doctor on Call will contact you by phone in order of texts received,

Get your cannabis recommendation immediately via email then paper copy and marijuana ID card mailed in 1-2 days.

You can have the opportunity to conveniently discuss your case on the phone – get approved – get your medical marijuana card emailed today!

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